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Decoding Future Leadership: An audio visual podcast by PeopleStrong and Fisher Leadership

Ep 1 Decoding Future Leadership

Episode 01 | Decoding Future Leadership | The Great Realignment

with David Bowering and Lisa Annese

This week, David Bowering – Head of Consulting at Fisher Leadership, interviews Lisa Annese, CEO of Diversity Council Australia.

While the hybrid working world demands that technology play a central role in our connectivity, how do we keep the working world of the future inherently human? In this episode we explore why diversity, equity and inclusion are must-haves for the new world. How is your organisation setting up the systems and processes to support psychological safety, employee empowerment to make decisions about how, when and where they want to work, alongside reinventing the workplace as an intentionally collaborative, inclusive space? Tune in to learn more.

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Ep 2 Decoding Future Leadership

Episode 02 | Decoding Future Leadership | The Talent Economy

with Pip Youngman and Sandeep Chaudhary

This week, Pip Youngman – Advisory Chair, Australia & New Zealand for PeopleStrong, interviews Sandeep Chaudhary, Global CEO of PeopleStrong.

For the first time in history, capital is easier to access than talent. Companies of all sizes are struggling to keep and find people during the disruption caused by the pandemic, it’s more important than ever for leaders to identify and prioritise exactly which talent might be lacking. How can leaders leverage new systems to recognise and harness the latent talent within their organisations? In this episode, learn about the HR tech non-negotiables that will support your hybrid talent strategy: customer experience, data-driven decision-making support and employee empowerment. Tune in to learn more.

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Ep 3 Decoding Future Leadership

Episode 03 | Decoding Future Leadership | Performance and Productivity

with Adam Kyriacou and Vipul Mathur

This week, Adam Kyriacou, Partner at Fisher Leadership, interviews Vipul Mathur, Chief Business Officer, Talent Solutions at PeopleStrong.

In the hybrid world, leaders must rethink productivity and performance if they are to motivate their people and align on company strategy. The conversation explores how technology can play a role in enabling values-based leaders to instil a sense of belonging in a hybrid and competitive talent environment. In this episode, learn about: 1) OKR framework and its ability to bring together business objectives and business culture 2) CSC model for combining culture, strategy and capabiity 3) Leveraging talent as the core differentiator between you and your competitor.

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Ep 4 Decoding Future Leadership

Episode 04 | Decoding Future Leadership | Capability and Bias

with Dr Marcele De Sanctis and Professor Bob Wood

This week, Dr Marcele De Sanctis, Managing Partner at Fisher Leadership, interviews Professor Bob Wood, Director, Future's Academy, University of Technology Sydney.

Technology has the ability to subvert or support equity and inclusion in the working world. Professor Bob Wood walks us through the implications of technology from the point of talent selection and acquisition to capability development. This episode discusses HR technology as a powerful lever for inclusion. How does human bias hold us back and how can these be mitigated by technology? How are leading companies using technology to increase workforce access for underrepresented populations? How can employees work with technology for competitive advantage?

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Ep 5 Decoding Future Leadership

Episode 05 | Decoding Future Leadership | Mental Health & Resilient Systems

with Therese Joyce and Professor Marie Bismark

 This week, Therese Joyce, Manager, Mental Health and Wellbeing at Fisher Leadership, interviews Professor Marie Bismark, Physician, Health Lawyer and Author.

Our Health Workers offer prime insights into resilient systems during the COVID pandemic. What can we do better at the intersection of technology and wellbeing for employees under pressure? HR technology can be a powerful lever for mental health. Key discussion points of this episode: We applaud health workers when it comes to stories of their social value, but how do our systems and processes hold up? How important is technology for adaptable, connected and mentally well workforces? Where lies the art of combining data and stories to influence systems change?

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Ep 6 Decoding Future Leadership

Episode 06 | Decoding Future Leadership | Systems & Storytelling

with June Parker and Gabrielle Dolan

This week, June Parker, General Manager, Coaching and Transition, CogNative interviews business story-telling extraordinaire Gabrielle Dolan.

In the hybrid world, leaders must rely on stories to change the system, and systems to change the story. But how? To engender a sense of purpose, authenticity and connection, leaders in the hybrid workforce need to sharpen up their story telling skills! This episode discusses working with technology to empower culture; connecting business strategy to purpose; and creating authenticity through story.

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