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Future Exchange is a capability ecosystem for board and executive talent wanting to build community, grow capability, and reimagine our future career pathways. Unlike other professional networks, we look beyond past experience, and  set our sights on future potential.

Leading today, with tomorrow in mind.-3

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Like the challenges we face, the executive journey is no longer linear. When we began working with leaders 20 years ago, the average tenure was 8–10 years for an executive. Today, this is down to 2 – 4 across sectors. Leaders are realising they are in charge of their own career journey, and that includes owning our learning, owning our network, and owning our right to choose ways of working that suit our stage in the leadership lifecycle. Sound like you? Sounds like you need to sign up to the Future X community.
Future Exchange is an app that serves as a gateway for boards and executives to access learning, insights, events, networking, and career support through the Future Leadership ecosystem. We bring together three businesses to help boards and executives lead the future. Our three businesses include: Fisher Leadership, Board and Executive Search; CLA, leadership learning and development; and Gig Executive, connecting on-demand executives to help organisations keep up with the pace of change.
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All learnings and events are built around our future leadership capability framework.

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Sadhana cares deeply about driving deep conversations and unearthing actionable solutions for leaders in today's world. Sadhana and the team at Future Leadership partner to bring latest learning to the Future X community on a weekly basis.

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Leading today, with tomorrow in mind.

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