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Whitepaper: Embedding a common language of future capability in your organisation.


A future capability conversation starter for your leadership team.


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Our research shows that Australia needs to shift from a skills focus to a capability focus. Interviews and surveys with 300 Australian C-Suite leaders across Health, Education, Consumer, Finance, Industrial, For Purpose, and Public sectors reveal that future capabilities are human capabilities a leadership imperative is to embed them into culture for the next-generation of leaders.

This white paper leverages our qualitative and quantitative research to deep dive into 3 themes:

  Understanding how to embed future capability as a common language

  Recognising that future capabilities are human capabilities

  Connecting future capability for the next generation

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Learn what human capabilities will future-proof your organisation.

Written by: Dr. Marcele De Sanctis

Lead Author: Dr. Marcele De Sanctis

Managing Partner, Doctor, Organisational Psychologist & Founder, Dr Marcele De Sanctis wears many hats. She co-founded the CLA in 2016, recognised amongst Australia's Fast Starters in 2020 by the Australian Financial Review. In 2021 CLA joined forces with Future Leadership to become an integral part of the end-to-end capability ecosystem.

 Apart from leading CLA, Marcele is a research supervisor and examiner for the Master of Organisational Psychology program at Deakin University and has consulted to the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). She over 10 years of experience working with global, ASX-listed, private and Government organisations, supporting Boards, CEOs, C-level executives and senior leaders in capability development and competency architecture, leadership assessment, leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, L&D, OD, executive search and recruitment.

Our C-Suite survey shows that the top in-demand future capability emerged as adaptability at 38%.

Read more in the Future Capability white paper.

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Executive Summary

Our Research

Enabling Future Capability as a Common Language

Future Capabilities are Human Capabilities

Connecting Future Capabilities for Next-Gen Workers


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"While the skills to carry out a given task quickly become obsolete, the capabilities that unlock the knowledge, mindsets, behaviours and personal attributes to perform given skills are timeless."

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- Michelle Loader | Managing Director, Future Leadership


Specially designed for leaders, executives, and boards, the framework underpins everything we do at Future Leadership. From sourcing and attracting talent, to leadership development and wellbeing, to succession planning and transition, right through to delivering on-demand executives.
The Future Leadership Capability Framework measures the cross-professional, multi-disciplinary attributes individuals should possess in order to effectively drive an organisation’s strategic direction and orient teams to a desired culture.

Like the challenges we face, the executive journey is no longer linear. Individuals and organisations are thinking differently about future leadership capability... How to predict it, how to secure it, how to grow it.

We support executives to prepare for lifelong employability, and organisations to secure a seamless cycle of capability.

Leading today, with tomorrow in mind.


Leading today, with tomorrow in mind.

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